WTF am I supposed to do at the gym?

Let me take you back five years…

Typical Office Worker

Picture this. I was an office worker who has gradually piled on the weight in the two years since graduating from university. I felt ( and, in my opinion,) looked like sh*t. As well as my clothes becoming uncomfortable and my skin breaking out, I had ZERO energy, and the thought of going to a gym was almost laughable because of how constantly tired I was.

But saying that, I decided to give that gym malarky a go. I wouldn’t use the word ‘enthusiastic’, but I signed up to a gym with the hope that going would make me feel better. I had previously been really into sport when I was younger and even throughout uni I regularly practised Muay Thai, but gym training was entirely new to me.

Although in the past I had usually felt reasonably confident in trying new things, the gym was quite an intimidating place for me. I was intelligent enough to read the labels on the machines and watch other people using them to have a decent go at doing the exercises, but when it came to training in a structured way, I didn’t have a clue.

Getting with the program

After a few weeks of faffing around, spending too long doing (BORING) cardio and aimlessly jumping from machine to machine, I decided enough was enough and hired a personal trainer. Within eight weeks I had made dramatic changes physically and actually felt like I knew my way around the gym a bit! Spending time was a great coach was exactly what I needed and was a fast-track way of learning what I needed to do.

While I can’t promise the same outcome for you with a trainer – I’m now a personal trainer myself and William, and I are married and expecting our first child! – it will transform how you train and the results you will get (take your time choosing the right coach for you).

Gym training and smart weight training, in particular, was honestly the best thing for my physical and mental state and it’s something I hope I’ll always have a love for and be able to do. There’s nothing like feeling strong – it makes you feel like you can take on anything and not just in the gym.

Personal Training

I can appreciate that the cost of personal training can be a barrier for some people, but there are a few options out there. As well as offering 1-2-1 coaching packages in The Club Gym, I also provide one-off training plans if you’re comfortable enough to crack on with sessions by yourself. I also run Reshape Online with my husband and fellow Club Gym coach/owner, William Wylie. Reshape Online has all the benefits of personal training with weekly check-ins, an app with all your workouts on it to track your progress, nutrition plans, Facebook members-only group and weekly live Q&As – just without the 1-2-1 gym sessions and the cost associated with that.

Options at The Club Gym

If a gym membership is just about all you can stretch to, we’ve got you covered here at The Club Gym! As well as having all classes included in your membership, we have recently launched our Kickstarter Sessions. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to have a 30 min complimentary session with one of our coaches, who will take you through the Fat Loss, General Fitness or Muscle Building workouts. Each plan takes a measure of your current level, and during your review session one month later, your coach will assess what progress you’ve made and offer additional advice for your training. If you would like to book yourself in for a Kickstarter session, email info@theclubgym.co.uk.

Please don’t allow ‘being tired all the time’ to be your go-to excuse for not getting active. Take this promise from an ex-podgy-office-worker – getting yourself moving will make you feel better, and there are enough options out there to find one that suits you.

~ Louise / Louise Cochrane Fitness / Reshape Online