Winter Workouts

Winter has begun so it’s time to have some fun!

Dark mornings and the drop in temperature shouldn’t be an excuse to give up on your goals – these are both indications that the festive season is coming, so it’s the perfect time to push yourself! We understand why colder, darker mornings may demotivate you but focus on how amazing you’ll be feeling for the festivities over Christmas and New Year – and it doesn’t rain or snow in the gym, so no excuses!

Welcome the crisp mornings and breathe in some fresh air by walking to or from work or even take a leisurely walk during your lunch break. If you don’t fancy braving the cold, we run classes morning, afternoon and evening, to fit even the busiest of schedules!

It’s important to focus on goals such as festive nights out and parties when you’re considering hitting that snooze button in the morning and there are plenty of great apps, which can help you wake up earlier or more gradually as the mornings become darker.

While sleep and exercise are certainly important, planning your meals over the winter months should take priority. For many of us, winter, is a time to comfort eat, but being prepared by making homemade soups and stews will reduce the likelihood of unnecessary snacking throughout the day! Over the festive season, it’s likely that you’ll treat yourself with good food and drink and you should – but make sure to eat well the week before and the following week to find a healthy balance!


Staying motivated during winter is difficult but working out with a training partner or a personal trainer is great for maintaining focus! When training with someone else, you know you’re accountable and this can help shift any desire to skip a workout (our trainers are always here and happy to help)!

Workouts don’t need to take up your entire morning or evening and small and simple changes to your everyday routine can make a massive difference – walk to work, take the stairs, do a class or follow free online workouts on our Facebook page, which you can do at home, at any time of the day.

Setting yourself goals is also very important for staying focused and motivated – set one big goal, which is smart, realistic and measurable but also smaller goals within that which you can celebrate as you progress. Celebrate smaller goals by treating yourself to new gym wear or equipment or something else you’ve wanted for a while.

Always think outside the box – not all goals need to be weight-related! Keep your heart and mind healthy this winter, stay active and stay sexy!

Let’s do this!

Stephanie Davidson, Personal Trainer