Williams Group PT Training Plan

This months group personal training programme is designed by The Club Gym co owner William.

He has opted to design his take on a German Body Composition Programme, he is more info on what it does and how it works.
March Group Training Plan (German Body Composition)

What is German Body Composition?
German Body Composition is a style of lifting in which you do specific exercises paired in sets (usually one upper body exercise and one lower body exercise) and perform varying repetitions with short rest periods. 

Why German Body Composition?
German Body Composition is effective because of its ability to increase lactic acid production and stimulate your body release of growth hormone. In turn this stimulates muscle gain and fat loss changing participants body composition over time.

Benefits of german body composition;
– Creates high lactic acid production thus stimulating the release of growth hormone (your bodys natural most powerful fat burner).
– Upper/Lower mix shunts blood flow up and down the body creating high calorie burn
– It stimulates muscle growth and retention.
– You can get more work into 1 hour super setting this way.

How will it be applied in sessions

One set is 6 exercises long
An upper and a lower body strength lift, an upper and lower intermediate lift and an upper and lower endurance lift. 

This is not a circuit class, all participants will start on the strength lifts first, that way their muscle fibres are worked top to bottom. (The reason for this is that you cannot go from an endurance exercise into a strength lift and lift your maximal weight.)

Strength lifts will be 8 reps at 1-0-5-0 tempo (48 second set)
Intermediate lifts will be 12 reps at 1-0-3-0 tempo (48 second set)
Endurance lifts will be 25 reps at 1-0-1-0 tempo (50 second set)

All sets will be timed to last 50 seconds, if participants perform reps too fast they keep going till the time is done and they will need to adjust their lifting pace on the next set.
30 second break in between each lift going upper body to lower body and vice versa, this will give the participant time to get their weights ready for the next lift.

The sets of 8 with a slow lowering phase will work Type 2B fast twitch strength muscle fibres.
The sets of 12 with a moderate lowering phase will work intermediate muscle fibres.
The sets of 25 with a fast lowering phase will work slow twitch endurance muscle fibres.

Weight selection is critical as participants must be failing towards the end of each set, if they feel like they can do more reps at the weight they selected they should increase the weight on the next set, this programme works in the presence of high lactic acid production, the deeper the burn the better the stimulation of HGH and the better fat burning effect. 

We look forward to another great month of training and results on Group Personal Training.