Why workout intensity is important

Intensity is probably one of the most important things when it comes to your workout. If you’re not challenging yourself it’s not going to change you.

3 ways you can increase intensity of your workout:

1. Make sure to stick to rest time between sets

2. Lift heavier than your comfortable doing

3. Use supersets, trisets or dropsets

If your rest between sets is 1 min make sure you only take 1 min, set a timer to make sure you stick to this, I see so many people sitting on their phones between sets and before you know it 2-3 minutes have passed.

If your looking to gain strength the only way to do this is lift heavy and make sure you’re challenging yourself. You should really have to grind out the last couple of reps of your sets. If the weight isn’t challenging you, you can expect to get stronger.

Use of supersets, trisets and dropset for the same muscle group will also help to increase your workout intensity, moving more and not resting until all exercises have been performed will increase the heart rate resulting in more calories being burned.