Why we’re different!

The Club Gym is the creation of three vastly experienced personal trainers with a passion for fitness. There was no multi-million pound investment in the company, no businessmen in suits sweeping in with a big team of people behind them, just three hard working guys determined to change the face of the gym industry.
We live, breathe and sleep fitness and have trained clients in gyms for over 10 years, giving us the scoop as to what our clients love and hate about their training environments.
Working in commercial gyms, we saw members complain time and time again about the same issues, so we decided to tear up the rule book, put the members first, and create a training environment that we would all want to be a part of.

So with that in mind, here’s why we are different.


The Club Community and Support Network
Around the UK, gyms are losing the personal touch. Nowadays people sign up online, go to the gym then get left to their own devices, often not getting results and giving up. How can people join a gym and never have an encounter with any representative from the gym? How are they expected to reach their goals? Not the case with us. There is nothing better than going to a gym where all the staff know your name, goals and aspirations and they are always on hand to help, offer advice and answer any questions.
Come to The Club Gym and be treated like a person rather than a number.


No Overcrowding
Commercial gyms these days are vast open spaces often double the size of The Club Gym… but cater to TWELVE times the number of members. Yes, you read that correctly. Per square foot there will be SIX times more people milling around, taking up the kit you want to use.
Come to The Club and have a hassle free workout.


Our lighting sets the tone for a great atmosphere. Less feeling like you are training in a fish bowl for all to see and more time to focus on getting on with your workout.


The Music
Standard practice for a gym is to allow a media channel to pay them so that they can provide the music. There are inevitably problems with letting someone else control your companies music:
It is cheap for them to buy, therefor its not going to be great.
Most of the songs are not appropriate for a supermarket, let alone a gym.
It’s repetitive on an hour loop.
Worst of all, there are infuriating adverts every 15 minutes.


At The Club Gym we control the music and no amount of money would be worth killing our members’ workouts. Aside from this, we have our resident DJ setting the tone at peak times with House Music. It’s deep house for a deep burn.


The Classes
Classes at The Club have their own unique twist. The standard Legs, Bums and Tums class just doesn’t cut it anymore. Let’s face it, it’s bland, boring and uninspiring. We want excitement about our classes. Our classes are more personal – 15 people tops so that everyone gets equal attention from our instructors – everyone will be pushed to the max in our high intensity 30 minute classes.


The Kit
We have gone all out on kit, from the custom sprayed black lever kit, designed to move in the same way your muscle works for massive muscle contractions, to our water rowers and bright pink prowler that make cardio fun again. They give you the best possible chances of great workouts and excellent results.


Company Ethos
We are a big believer in people before profits. A prime example of this is that we are the first gym in the UK that have taken the decision to pay our personal trainers for their time (most gyms having them do 16 hours of free labour in order to use the gym as a base).
We pay our trainers for their time and we let them keep 100% of their personal training earnings. I know, you think this would be normal practice but we are the first to do it and we are proud of it. We believe that happy personal trainers on the gym floor will translate into happy members.
People come first at The Club Gym.


This is our vision of what a gym should be. Join the revolution….