Why We Believe We’ve Nailed Our Group PT Package

What is Group Personal Training?

As Group Training gradually becomes more popular the water between personal training, group personal training and fitness classes gets muddier. Let us take a moment to explain our service, why we’re different, and why we believe we’ve nailed our Group PT Package.

1. Small Group Training is Actually SMALL group training

More often we are seeing fitness venues start to offer ‘Group PT’ Packages with the premise of group training. The problem is, for some venues, small group can mean up to 8 or 10 people per session. In instances like this you have to ask yourself, ‘why is this different to any circuit class you would get at a local gym minus the price tag’.

At The Club Gym we cap the number to 4 people per session meaning that every single client will receive the same level of help, support, guidance and coaching. 

2. We Train rather than Work Out

Whilst researching other facilities we also came across venues that promote group training by offering what can only be described as a class time table with classes such as ‘core blast’, or ‘gun show’. Timetables like this do a disservice to small group and group PT facilities. You could walk into any gym and see classes like this for free as part of a membership. 

At The Club Gym the owners Derek, Simon & William design all Group PT programmes each month so clients follow structured training plans to achieve a specific outcome. All of our Group PT Packages are designed for the specific goal of losing body fat whilst retaining/increasing muscle mass.

And therein lies the difference between training and working out. Ask yourself ‘Am I doing a workout here? Or am i training for a specific outcome in a week or a months time?’.

3. We are Results Driven

Since we launched Group PT we’ve had feedback from clients who have came via other venues. They said that when they started training elsewhere with specific goals in mind such as dropping body fat, over time their goals eroded as they are where repeatedly told that fitness should be their priority above all else. This is an excuse to avoid accountability towards achieving goals. Although fitness is very important and it’s a big part of what we do, if you come to us with a goal to drop weight, drop body fat or increase muscle mass, at The Club Gym we are going to be with you all the way until you hit your targets. 

Every client on our Group PT package will have measurements and progress photos taken AT LEAST once a month to ensure that they are achieving what they set out to do. Your results could not be more important to us.

4. Value for money

While researching other facilities one thing we noticed was the price tag and we couldn’t believe it. Some facilities where charging more for group training than the best PT’s in Glasgow charge for 1-2-1. Let’s be straight to the point, this is not 1-2-1 training therefor it should not command the same price tag. 

At The Club Gym our aim with Group Personal Training is to make a personal training package that is affordable and open to everyone. You get everything you would get as part of 1-2-1 training, the only difference being that you are booking onto a training slot with 3 other people that have similar goals. Because of this and the fact that we are fully functioning gym we can offer this service at the amazing price of £120 per month, and you know what, THAT ALSO INCLUDES YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO THE GYM if you want to come in and do additional sessions on your own.

5. Price and what’s included

We have two Group Personal Training packages. 

Standard Option  – 3 GPT sessions per week – £120 per month

Unlimited Option  – Unlimited GPT – £160 per month

For both options you will receive;

  • Gym Membership/Unlimited access
  • A Get Started ‘Learn to Lift’ session 1-2-1
  • Monthly Body Composition Scan to determine weight, body fat %, muscle mass, visceral fat and bone density. 
  • Monthly photos and circumference measurements 
  • Free access to additional fitness classes such as circuits and spin
  • Monthly Nutrition Targets and recipe books
  • Post workout protein shake after each group PT session

Additionally with the unlimited package you will receive;

  • Unlimited Group PT sessions
  • A 30 Min Sports Massage
  • Your Own Locker

If you are ready to take your training to the next level get in touch today to arrange a chat at info@theclubgym.co.uk