Why we are bored of budget gyms

Having worked in a budget gym for the last few years we feel that the whole experience of being part of a club has disappeared. Before you think we are slating budget gyms, we are not. They serve their purpose but there is no real “club” atmosphere in any of them. They are very impersonal and clinical. Here at the club we have created a community feel where you can relax in our “chill out” zone before or after training and enjoy a shake from our protein bar whilst chatting with the staff or watching TV on one of our plasmas.

We are all about creating a lifestyle and something our members will be proud to be part of.

Another thing with the majority of commercial gyms is the abundance of cardio equipment and a very small weights area. We have also come to recognise that more and more people are doing weight training (rightly so) and with the absolute best resistance and free weight equipment in Glasgow this is just another plus to becoming part of the Club Gym.

“We are a destination – somewhere you know you will be looked after and treated as part of a club, not just a number.”