Training Solo or Having a Gym Buddy


There is no right or wrong answer to this one – like many things it’s about what works best for you.

For years I loved training alone. I would do anything to avoid training with other people. All I wanted to do was plug my headphones in and get on with it.  Looking back now, I think this was only because I hadn’t been training with the right people. Now I LOVE training with a buddy. Trust me, the perfect training partner isn’t easy to find. But suitable criteria may include; someone who’s on roughly the same level as you with regard to strength and fitness, with similar goals and training methods and most importantly someone who is going to push you and encourage you.

Sometimes having the accountability of another person is the difference between completing your session and leaving it halfway through. That simple ‘you can do this’ halfway through your last rep may be the only thing getting that bar up!

So give it a try! And if you find a suitable candidate – give us a shout and we will sort them out with a complimentary VIP day pass for The Club Gym to give you time to decide whether they meet the mark.

~ Maya