The Ugly Truth About Training

The health and fitness industry has massively taken off in the last few years. From Instagram models to avocado bars; being in shape is becoming even more “fashionable” every day. So want to know something about this latest, glamorous trend? Well, basically; it’s not glamorous. In fact, it’s pretty damn ugly.

When you go on Instagram and scroll through the millions of perky bums, chiselled abs and fancy gym outfits, please remember that what goes on behind the scenes isn’t quite as it would seem. Behind every perky bum, there are a thousand squats. Behind every six-pack, there’s an extremely disciplined diet. Behind every expensive gym outfit, there’s a pile of old gym clothes soaked through with sweat (and/or tears).

Training hard is not pretty. Having your hair soaked through with sweat and a face like a tomato is not ‘cute’. Eating chicken out of plastic Tupperware is far from glamorous. But is it worth it? Absolutely, yes. Because there is no better feeling than experiencing what your body is capable of.

~ Maya

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