The piece of training advice that changed my training forever

I’ve been going to the gym for five years now. I started off with cardio and soon got bored and moved on to weight training. I learnt the basics and trained about 4 to 5 times a week. I got stronger and more confident with my training and cleaned my diet up, but I just wasn’t seeing the differences in my body that I thought I should, considering the time I was investing in training. However, I kept going and appreciated the slow and steady progress I was making.

So what really changed it for me? About two years ago I met a guy who trained in a gym I worked in. Every day he came in, got it done and left. There was no messing around, no looking at his phone, no procrastination. There was only dedication and hard work. One day I watched him doing squats and asked him how many reps he was doing. He laughed at me and told me he didn’t count reps. He told me that most people stop when it starts to hurt, but really that’s when your workout starts. He said; “when it starts to hurt; I start counting my reps, and when I can’t physically do anymore; that’s when I finish them”.

Though this is quite a common ideology, it really did change my training forever. I realised that unless I was pushing myself to my absolute limits, I would not see the progress and change in my body, which I desired. I realised that my body was capable of a lot more than I put it through and that my weakness was my mind.

I’ve been going to the gym for five years, but I’ve only really been TRAINING for two. The level of effort you put IN determines the results that come OUT. You’re capable of more than you think!

~ Maya