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The Deadlift – And why I love it

The Deadlift

If you’ve never done a deadlift, I suggest you start now. If you don’t know what it is, here’s a short clip of the 2017 World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, doing one (just so you can get the idea).


(PS – that’s 500kg/1100lbs, an absolutely INSANE amount of weight!)

I think the deadlift is one of the most badass lifts if you can bag it safely. For a while, I thought my favourite lift might have been the squat, but the more I deadlift the more I fall in love with it. The good news is you don’t have to be or put numbers up like Eddie Hall to be effective, see results, or feel strong.

Deadlifts are such a good movement to incorporate into just about any fitness program (and here’s just a few reasons why…)

  • Not only are they great for building your core and posterior chain (sit at a desk all day? Let’s help your posture), they also work just about every single muscle in your body (more muscle mass = more fat burn, even at rest!)
  • They’re a FUNCTIONAL movement. The act of picking something up to move it happens in our everyday lives. When we learn how to do this safely and effectively, with heavier loads, our day to day lives become much easier (Ever had to move house? Bring in 2 cases of water? Move furniture?)
  • They’ll make you feel like an absolute beast. There’s just something very empowering about picking a crapload of weight off the ground and holding it in your hands.

So, yeah, maybe I do sound like the ultimate meathead when I say I love to pick things up and put them back down, but once you try it, I promise you’ll understand.

**And remember – if you don’t know where to start, just ASK! Ask a trainer in your gym or a friend you know who trains already. There will always be someone around who will be psyched to help you learn, especially at The Club Gym!

~ Christine

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