The curse of “New Year, New Me”

How long did your 2016 New Year Resolution last?


For many of us – not long! But don’t feel disheartened – I’m here to tell you why ‘New Year, New You’ isn’t worth waiting for.

January is the ‘Monday morning’ of the New Year and the time we all tell ourselves it’s time to change and that it’s a new beginning, so we give ourselves new goals to achieve, then one month in, our social calendars fill up, we get back into busy working life, we miss a couple days and can’t keep up. We therefore often lose track, feel demotivated and fall off the wagon.

Whether it’s birthday parties, work, relationships or studying, life will always get in the way and we often tell ourselves we’ll start fresh next week or when we have more time. While we may make these promises constantly throughout the year, it’s not long before it’s Christmas again and we’re making another set of New Year’s resolutions.

Life will always be busy and really, there is no perfect time to start but this is why we need to find a plan that fits around our existing schedule and lifestyle. While this might mean you reach your goals slower, it’s more realistic – progress is progress after all!


Why not get yourself a gym membership today? You’ve got 9 weeks til Christmas, which is plenty of time to make a change – and the gym is quieter at this time of year, so no need to wait for equipment!

It is always possible to fit exercise into your routine, whether it’s a quick workout before or after work, a class during your lunch hour or working to a tailored training plan with one of our personal trainers.

We understand it may tempting to say you’ll start next week, next month or next year, but if you start now, you’ll only reach your goals quicker and you’ll feel amazing in your new Christmas outfits over the festive season.

Start 2017 with a bang!

Leanne Conroy, Personal Trainer