temptation bundling

This means to link an action that you WANT to do with an action you NEED to do and is a great technique you can use to build new positive habits. 

You may want to start exercising more. Why not try to bundle this with something you enjoy, like watching a series on Netflix. Watching Netflix is somethings you WANT to do while using a treadmill / bike / x-trainer is something you NEED to do. Set up your iPad or phone and watch your favourite shows whilst burning some extra calories.

Getting in your 10k steps per day may be something you NEED to do and listening to a new podcast is something you WANT to do so why not bundle them together to make the thing you need to do more tempting and so making it more likely you will do it. 

You have a NEED to eat more veggies/salad and you have a WANT to eat a burger. Add some salad onto your burger or at the side of your plate. 

I NEED to read more and I WANT to drink coffee so during my morning coffee I will read a chapter of a book.

You can see the trend here and can associate it however you like. 

We are much more likely to find a new behaviour easier to do if we associate it with something we enjoy doing. 

Give it a go