Struggling with changing your diet?

When looking to lose weight, don’t look at the big, scary picture. The first step would be to track your food (even temporarily). The first reason for this is that it will calculate your calorie intake. The second reason is that it will bring to light patterns in your eating habits. Bringing these two reasons together will be the answer to your diet prayers.

Say you have two chocolate digestives at work Monday – Friday mid afternoon. Each day this is 170 calories. Each week this is 850 calories. Each month this is 3400. Now let that sink in for a second.

If you eliminate that from your diet and that only, you are already consuming 3500 calories less a month which, depending on your daily calorie intake, can be around 2 days worth of calories.

Work hard to take them out your diet then move onto the next habit.

See, losing weight never looked less daunting. It’s all about those small changes.