Sports Therapy @ The Club Gym

  • Sports Therapy Treatment - £45

    • Consultation
    • Treatment
    • Rehabilitation plan

  • Sports or Swedish Massage - £45

    • 1hr treatment

  • Sports or Swedish Massage - £30

    • 30 minutes treatment

As a sports therapist, my aim is to return a client to full functional fitness within the shortest time possible. While doing so, I will provide you with the constant drive to carry on pushing and find motivation during the toughest times of injury. Utilising the top of the range facilities here at The Club Gym we will work together to rebuild both your emotional and physical strength as you return from any aches or pains. If you simply just want to relax and feel the benefits of a sports massage then definitely get in touch. I have a wealth of experience in carrying out massage at multiple sporting events and clinics and would love to help you unwind.

Ross Urquart - Sports Therapist


HND Sports Therapy which includes:

  • Clinical Assessment
  • Sports Massage
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Pathology and Aetiology of Injury
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor



Tel: 07947 646 935

What is Sports Therapy?


Sports therapy is used to identify and prevent injuries.  Using a variety of different techniques the aim is get the client back to full physical health as soon as possible.

Treatments that can be found within a typical session include: musculoskeletal assessment, massage therapy, mobilisations, physical therapy, postural assessment and rehabilitation plans.


Common Injuries:


It can be easy to pick up injuries either in the gym or the work place.  Some of the most common one’s we encounter are – muscles strains, shoulder pain, lower back pain, neck tightness and knee pain.  We provide treatment at the club to help fix all these problems and get you back to full fitness.