Should Women Train Upper Body?

Ok so here’s one for you ladies! Whether or not women should be training upper body is something I get asked all the time.

“I don’t want to train my upper body because I don’t want to look ‘manly’”

“I want to work on my legs, so I’m not going to train upper body.”

Ok, first of all, let’s not get too technical, but I can guarantee that even if you start doing 100 bicep curls a day; naturally, you are not going to be walking around with arms like Arnie anytime soon.

Secondly, to answer the question, yes. You absolutely should be training your upper body as a woman. Here’s why:

1 – You should be training EVERY part of your body. This avoids imbalances and prevents injury.

2 – We all know a guy who skips leg day. Don’t be a woman who skips upper body day. Yes – it is just as bad.

3 – As much as ‘leg day, everyday’ may sound fun at the time, training your legs every day could actually be detrimental to your leg ‘gains’. You need to give the muscle time to recover for it to grow.

So go press, pull, row and curl some stuff. Happy upper body day, girls!

~ Maya