Regressions – Take things down a notch to progress

‘I’m struggling, That’s uncomfortable, I’m sh*t!’
Are you saying these things more often during training and not feeling as in the zone or struggling with motivation. The truth is we aren’t invincible!
You should maybe be thinking of regression or a taper period in your training.
A regression in the gym is a less-advanced version or an alternative movement to substitute a more advanced exercise such as barbell squat, big pulls and presses and hip-hinge movement.
So, rather than go along with the crowd and jump straight for an ego lift, consider a few things.
Firstly, do you have any mobility limitations or injuries that prevent you doing or restricts your execution of certain movements? Do you have the basic strength level to perform the movement/exercise correctly? Do certain movements or exercises cause you to feel bad pain? Do you know the basic movement pattern of the exercise you are trying to execute? If you answer no to any of these questions, then consider looking at regressing some movements or get help from a trainer because you are not ready.
You can make movements less complex, which in turn are more appropriate to you and safer. It can be as simple as lowering your weights to perform the exercise with better form or a different exercise altogether. Take things back to basics and build a better foundation!
An example would be Pull-ups – a very popular goal for both sexes is to be able to smash these out. However, if a lack of strength prevents this, be patient and try negatives, partner assisted, banded, lat pulldowns and inverted rows – these can all help!
Regression will lead to progression if it means you’re carrying out the movement correctly! Think one step back, two steps forward in the long run!