October GPT plan – Derek Brettell

I was excited to finally design a plan for our Group PT programme in the club.

After some thought I decided to stay true to my own personal training roots and design a hypertrophy plan based around my most successful training plans for clients.

As a PT my goal is always to help people gain lean muscle, strength and reduce bodyfat.  I’ve made a career out of it as both a natural pro bodybuilder and personal trainer.  

The plan I’ve designed is 3-5 days per week and is split into upper body, lower body and conditioning sessions.  Each resistance day comprises of compound movements with varying rep ranges, isolation exercises, supersets and core exercises.  You will finish each session with HIIT.

The conditioning sessions are simple but tough.  These are completed in a circuit style by doing a mixture of upper, lower and full body exercises back to back for 5mins.  You will repeat this circuit 5 times.  To help aid recovery from these conditioning sessions you will spend 15mins post workout stretching.

I’ve got my very own 12 week photoshoot training plan which I’ve taken many people through who’ve gone on to get in the best shape of their lives.  Not only have I taken inspiration from that plan but I’ve also included some of my favourite exercise combinations and HIIT workouts.  

These workouts 100% work and you will be guaranteed results if you follow them alongside a nutrition plan!

So if you’re already part of out GPT programme then enjoy October and the results it brings.  If you’ve not signed up already then what are you waiting for? Sign up and get to work!

See you in the gym

Derek Brettell