Newbies guide to becoming a pro in the Club Gym

I have a secret for you.. I didn’t join a gym until I turned 23…. I was lucky that I managed to stay relatively lean, until I went to University and gained some weight, with too much booze and takeaways. That’s what pushed me to join a gym, to tone up and feel better about myself.

On my first visit I had no idea what to expect when I walked in. What to wear, what people actually do in there, what I would do or where I would go. The unexpected can make some of us feel anxious, apprehensive and intimidated. I’ve known people who feel so nervous, that they walked round then left. You are not alone 🙂

So I want to put you at ease and help you overcome the fear of the unknown.

Here is my newbies guide to looking like a pro in the Club Gym:

1. Opening our door is the first fitness test 😉
We are open, you won’t break it just give it a good tug. Then come down the stairs to our protein bar. Swipe your card on the till and you are ready to rock.
But then what will you do?

2. Book an induction.
At Club Gym we offer free tours and inductions, the tour will show you around the gym so you have an idea of what it looks like and feel more at ease. The induction is the best bit (take a notebook and a pen) as one of our lovely members of staff will be showing you a workout that you can do, next time you come. We will show you how to work the equipment, what muscles you are working and why you should work them. You will also be shown some stretches to finish and loosen you up. After this if you still feel unsure about using equipment a member of staff will be around and happy to assist you.

3. Classes
This is where I started my fitness journey, I loooove fitness classes, they are fun, energetic, motivating and best of all they are included in your membership. When I first started going to the gym, I utilised this bonus. Pump it and Leg Bums and Tums (All about that bASS) being my favourite. The instructor Jenny had the perfect body and I went to classes for months aiming to look like her J You’d be surprised of how much skill you pick up in classes, which you can develop and use on the gym floor. I now teach classes and I still love it.
Feel free to come a long and have some fun:

Monday Tour De Club Gym (Spin) 5.15pm
Tuesday All About The bASS (Leg Bums and Tums) 1pm
Burn Baby Burn (High intensity Fat burn) 6.15pm

4. Chat To Others Or Bring A Friend
I never used to speak to anyone in the gym, I believed everyone (even staff) would stare and laughing at me if I was doing something wrong.
Let me tell you this isn’t the case.

Most people feel exactly the same as you and are so focused on what they are doing and that they are doing it properly that they won’t be interested in anyone else. And most importantly our staff are more than happy to help you out. There are no stupid questions 🙂 I met some of my most supportive friends in the gym. Especially for us girls having a support network at the gym can be really motivating. Or if you bring a friend with you, you’ll both have each other to laugh with if you do something silly. Or they may know other exercises and tips for you to try. I’ve learned new exercises and improved my technique through strangers helping me. I was embarrassed at first but after a few attempts I realised they had actually helped me and were more than happy to do so.

5. Go at quieter times
Peak times can be a little bit overwhelming if it is your first time in a gym. Going at quieter times can give you the freedom to take you time and experiment with different equipment. Work on it till you feel the exercise work for you then you will feel at ease doing it in peak times. Early morning, Lunch and 3pm-6pm can be the best times to get some free space in the gym. But if you want a bit of fun and atmosphere then our DJ is in from 5.30pm and plays some great music to get you in the zone.

6. Follow our staff on social media for free training ideas and programs.
The staff at Club Gym keep up to date on all things health and fitness, regularly posting new exercises and training tips on social media to help you make the most out of you time in the gym. On my Facebook at the moment I am giving away a FREE fat burning program, to give you a plan for when you go to the gym. You can download this on the Learn More Button at: https:// www.facebook.com/LeanneConroyFemaleFitnessCoach. This plan will give you something to follow and get results.

Finally, remember you are not alone in the gym, there are many people around who would love you help you out.

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