My favourite glute exercises

Building the perfect booty – my favourite glute exercises!

I think it is fair to say that 2017 was the year of the quest for the perfect ‘peach’ and my predictions are that 2018 won’t be much different.

So in a world full of people thrusting, pressing and kicking gym equipment in new innovative (or sometimes bizarre) ways, all with the promise of ‘glutes of steel’, you may be surprised that my top 3 glute exercises are very basic. But hey, simplicity is a beautiful thing!


The OG of all leg exercises.


Walking Lunges to be precise. I can promise that while lunging you will spend the majority of your time thinking about things you would rather do than lunge (such as gouging your eyeballs out or drinking bleach). But I can also promise that the result will be worth the pain!

Hip Thrusts

Around every corner of the gym, there is always someone thrusting a barbell. Even The Rock is jumping on the bandwagon, although I wouldn’t recommend racking 200kg on the bar quite yet.

This is by far my favourite glute exercise; great for pre-exhaustion before a leg session or as a nasty finisher. Also protip – try and not make eye contact with strangers in the gym while doing this.

Any other questions or concerns – just come and give us a shout! We are here to help.

~ Maya