Motivation and GPT (Group Personal Training)


This can be so hard to find when you are solo training. It is easy to switch the alarm off on a cold morning or make up some brilliant excuse not to train in the evening after a long day at work. If you think this is you then it could be worth trying Group Personal Training (trial month £140). You prebook these session which means that it is harder to cheat yourself out of not going and most of all it keeps you accountable and motivated..


– Record weights and reps after every session in our training app to record PBs & progress.

– Every 4 weeks we will sit down and have a chat about how you feel everything is going, successes and what you want to achieve over the next 4 weeks.

– Body scanner every 4 weeks to track body fat, muscle mass etc. This allows us to modify calorie and protein goals.


We have such a great bunch of people here at The Club Gym, it is amazing to see everyone encourage and support one another. Don’t be afraid to get a little bit competitive and push each other to the next level.