Motivation – 5 Tips to Keep Exercising

  1. Have a training buddy

Having a training buddy always helps you train so much harder even on those days that you can’t be bothered as it’s been a long day at work, it’s cold dark mornings or just having an off day. Having arranged a time with your training buddy will hold you accountable to make sure you show on time as you won’t want to let training buddy down. It doesn’t always have to be someone your best friends with; it could just be a member of your gym that you have got chatting with during some of your sessions.

  1. Pre-pack Gym back

I know this may seem like a pretty obvious one for sure, but so many of us don’t get our gym bags ready the night before. If you are an early morning gym goer, these cold dark mornings will make it so much more difficult to get up. So, why not have your gym bag packed, your gym clothes at the side of your bed, coffee in the cup ready to add water or pre-workout in the fridge. So you get up clothes on, wash your face, brush your teeth, grab your coffee in your travel mug or pre-workout in a shaker and straight out you go. That’s the hardest part done!! Get to the gym, and you are good to go!!

  1. Remember why you started

Our goals are something that we can forget and put to the back of our minds once we have started on our fitness journey. Through all the tough sessions, early morning sessions, sessions after a long stressful day at work, remind yourself why you started your journey!! No matter what your reason always think to yourself, I set this for MYSELF not for anyone else so only I can make the changes and be consistent for how I want to feel within myself both physically and mentally. NEVER FORGET YOUR WHY!!!

  1. Set yourself goals

Make a long-term commitment to exercising and set targets. This is always easier said than done, I know, but if you give yourself something to aim for in three or six months’ time, it will help to motivate you. Try entering yourself into a race (with a finishing time to aim for), intend to lose a certain amount of body fat or lose a certain amount of inches. This will certainly help keep you motivated.

  1. Reward yourself when you hit your target

Yes, I know we shouldn’t be rewarding ourselves as we aren’t animals, but if you set yourself a goal. Whether it is to drop inches, swim distance in certain time or run that 10k that you have always wanted to achieve, set up a reward when you achieve your goal.  Book a lovely spa overnight, buy yourself that dress or outfit you have wanted for so long, and you will feel you have accomplished so much along with the added bonus of treating yo self!!

Put these 5 tips in place and you will be winning and motivation will be on high!!

Craig – Tailored Physique Fitness / @tailoredphysiquefitness