More than just a gym

The Club Gym – More than Just a Gym

Here’s why.

You’ve probably noticed that budget gyms are popping up everywhere nowadays.  Yeah, they’re huge and have lots of equipment, but they also have what feels like a million members.  Most of them are open for 24 hours and are unmanned, which I think is a significant drawback for members.  They have little or no interaction with personal trainers unless they can afford to pay them an hourly rate.  So what happens if something goes wrong or you need help with an exercise or just some simple advice?

The budget gyms I have experienced are usually clinical looking, very bright and white – eww. People just come and go, barely speaking to anyone and there’s no real atmosphere.  They pay their membership every month, are given a code to enter and are literally ‘just a number’.

So, how is The Club Gym more than that?

It all started when Simon, William and Derek got fed up working in budget gyms.  They wanted to create something unique and much more than just a gym. They have surpassed even the highest expectations and have built a gym better than anyone could have imagined.

As you walk in you are greeted by one of my awesome colleagues at the protein bar or me.  It’s here that you can have a pre-workout, chat about training and psyche yourself up for the session ahead.  You can then grab a shake and chill at the bar afterwards – before you go home to eat ALL the food.  We are always around to answer any questions about training and nutrition or just for the banter.  We do our best to get to know our members not only by name, but we learn about their lives and achievements in and out of the gym.  They have become friends with us and each other.  This makes them not just a number and means they are not there just to part with their hard-earned cash.  We genuinely care about them and their happiness within the gym and want to help them reach their fitness goals.

The guys have built a strong team who create a great atmosphere and vibe which makes The Club Gym the best place to train – and what other gym has cool lights and a DJ?!  DJ Chris comes in during the evenings to turn up the volume and make things that bit edgier.

We’ve done charity events, photo shoots, and pop-up shops to keep things interesting for members. We’re also trying to reach as many people as possible on social media to help give them a boost towards achieving their goals.

Of course, this has all be proven because, in the first 18 months of opening, we have won two awards – The Glasgow Awards ‘Best Fitness Venue’ and Optimum Nutrition’s ‘Gym Team of the Year’.  We must be doing something right.

So that’s from a member’s point of view.  What’s it like to work there?

I love my job and not just because I love working with my clients.  The guys and Louise are awesome to work for because they treat us as equals. They treat us how they would have liked to have been treated at the gyms they used to work in.  They’re great fun and up for a laugh (but remain professional at all times…). They offer help and support whenever it’s needed – pretty much the reason I got through college – haha.  This makes us all happy as a team which translates to happy members – which is why our members stay.

Everyone at The Club Gym has brought out the best in me and (I’ll say it again) I’m lucky to be part of something this special.

I can’t wait for what happens in the years to come – watch this space 😉


~ Shelagh

Shelagh Jane Fitness Coach