Monday Movement: The Press Up

The Press Up

Often, this movement is done incorrectly.

Very often there is no:

  • Retraction of shoulder blades
  • Shoulders not positioned over the hands
  • Elbows flare out, too far forward
  • Core, back, glutes, legs not contracted

So as you can see in the demonstration, we have three positions. Let me explain:

  1. Position hands shoulder width apart, come up onto the toes, keeping shoulders positioned over hands. Engage core, back, glutes & legs.
  2. In a slow controlled movement, lower your chest to the floor, keeping elbows tucked in tight and pausing for a brief second.
  3. Keeping the full body engaged, in an explosive movement drive to the top. Fully extend your arms, and contract your chest at the top.

If you’re unsure about your press up form or would like slightly easier versions to work on, speak to one of our friendly staff today. We can guide you during one of our classes or give you some pointers on the gym floor.