Meet the Member: Ruiraidh Thomson

Ruiraidh began training with personal trainer, William six weeks ago. This is his fitness journey so far…


1) How did you find out about the gym?

I initially heard about the gym as I work nearby and there was a flyer in the office one day. I’d been training at a council gym in the south side, but since moving flat and my work moving office, I wasn’t going as much as I should have.

2) What was your first impression when you came in?

My first impressions were that the gym looked great, the equipment looked top quality yet simple to use, and I was really impressed by the welcome that the staff gave me when I first came in to sign up then again when I came for my first session.

3) What makes this gym different from any others you have been to?

I’ve only ever been a member of council gyms, and as they’re always so busy, I felt as much like just another name on the membership list. At the Club Gym, I really appreciate the fact that all the staff are so friendly and get to know you and what your trying to achieve, and that quick two second ‘hello’ and ‘how was your day’ can make a big difference when sometimes you feel like you can’t be bothered going.

The equipment at the gym is also a lot better than I’ve been used to in previous gyms, there’s never a big queue for equipment and that makes a difference when you want to get in and get the job done.

4) What kind of training do you do?

When I first joined, I was focusing mostly on a low-weight high-rep all over workout, but I didn’t feel that was doing the job and it was getting boring, which meant I was more likely to not bother going. I started working with William around 6 weeks ago, and he’s helped me to get the motivation back on track by working on a personalised meal and workout plan. I now really look forward to working out, and with a structured plan to focus on, my motivation has gone through the roof. I never leave the gym feeling like I could have done more and I always look forward to trying to beat PBs the next time. The cardio sessions we do at the end of a weights session are great; hard, quick and f@?*ing exhausting. Having played rugby for nearly all of my teenage years, I’ve grown a strange sort of love for the prowler as it reminds me of training and I bizarrely look forward to using it after a shoulders workout, even if it does nearly kill me!

5) What results have you noticed since you have been at the club?

When I first joined, I wasn’t really seeing any results. Since I started working with William and using all that the gym has to offer, I’ve been seriously impressed with what I’ve been  able to achieve. I dropped 5% body fat in my first 4 weeks, I sleep better, have more energy and I generally feel great! The positive results have done nothing but motivate me to keep focused and keep going. Working with any of the trainers is a great way to put your brain and brawn together and start getting the results you want to achieve. The support network is great, just by chatting to some of the other members, everyone is supportive of each other and no one is arrogant or competitive, a rare find in a gym!

6) Do you have any other points you about the club that you enjoy that you think are unique?

The music choice is great and it’s a really good way to keep you motivated whilst your training, it’s not often you’re in a gym where only a minority are using headphones! The general support and friendliness of the staff isn’t something you get in most gyms and it’s good be train somewhere where you feel part of a team; everyone who trains at the Club Gym works hard.