Meals after 8pm myths

“If you’re looking to lose weight, don’t eat after 8 pm”.

I guarantee sometime in your life you have heard or read this phrase somewhere.

And so, is it true?

If you hit your caloric intake goal before 8 pm and continue to eat afterwards, then yes, chances of seeing your weight budge are very little.
 But this goes for any time of day.
For example, say my caloric intake goal for the day is 2000cal, and I go for a massive brunch and absolutely hit it out of the park with juice, syrups, jams, extra toppings, whatever – we could be looking at anything from 600-1000 calories. Mental.

But, that’s the reality. So, from there, I’ve got 1000 calories to play with for the rest of my day. Chances are I’ll hit my 2000cal goal before 8 pm. Heck, I might hit it before 5 pm (or 3 pm.. you get the point). So, if I continue to snack, and my energy balance is out of whack (more food in than energy out), I won’t see the scales move.

If, however, I don’t eat much throughout the day and have an absolute blow out of a meal at 9 pm, but am still within my 2000cal, I’m still right on track.

The whole idea of specific times and when you’re eating affecting your weight loss is silly and just incorrect.

If you’re looking to shift some weight and see a change in your body, train hard, lift heavier and fuel your body with the right stuff: good, whole, healthy foods. If you need a hand figuring out where to start, get in touch!

~ Christine / CB – Trainer & Wellness Coach