Sports Therapy @ The Club Gym

I graduated as a Sports Therapist in 2011 and immediately started working at a professional football club; this helped me build my confidence and cement my knowledge in a very fast paced environment. After a few years I got into clinical treatment and also have been there for athletes post marathon, kilt walks and festivals to name but a few. I continue to work and treat professional footballers but don’t let that put you off- everyone can benefit from sports massage. I am passionate about my work and there is no better feeling than making a difference to someone’s health and well-being- it’s the best feeling ever.

Rachel Cater - Sports Therapist

  • Sport and Deep Tissue Massage

    • 30 mins treatment – £25
    • 45 mins treatment – £35
    • 60 mins treatment – £45
    • 90 mins treatment – £65

All treatments are done by our sports therapist Rachel Cater. Rachel comes to the club with a wealth of experience having worked with several football teams, sports injury clinics and sports and fitness events.


Treatments can involve soft tissure release, stretching, cupping, ultrasound and rehab programmes. All treatments will be adapted to each indiviuals needs.


What is Sports Therapy?


Sports therapy is used to identify and prevent injuries.  Using a variety of different techniques the aim is get the client back to full physical health as soon as possible.

Treatments that can be found within a typical session include: musculoskeletal assessment, massage therapy, mobilisations, physical therapy, postural assessment and rehabilitation plans.


Common Injuries:


It can be easy to pick up injuries either in the gym or the work place.  Some of the most common one’s we encounter are – muscles strains, shoulder pain, lower back pain, neck tightness and knee pain.  We provide treatment at the club to help fix all these problems and get you back to full fitness.