I get nervous too!

Now, I know for the majority of people, stepping foot in a gym is a scary thing to do. You are scared of being judged, scared of doing things wrong, scared of being stared at. I completely get it. I have been going to gyms for about 15 years, and I still get nervous about stepping foot in a new gym.

This is why The Club Gym has such dark lighting, nobody can see you! Well, they can, but it’s much harder… All joking aside we really do have the friendliest gym I’ve ever been in. The staff and the members are amazing. Yes, I am biased, but it’s true. See what our members have to say:

“Great kit, great atmosphere, everyone is really friendly, and all the staff are approachable and happy to answer questions” – Belinda

“Outstanding gym. Something really different and new. I could tell instantly it was high-quality equipment. The staff were so lovely and friendly, which made me feel so much more at ease.” – Eleanor

“The gym is welcoming right from the moment you step in. The staff are always friendly, willing to chat, help and advise you on anything you need, even when it is busy.” – Graeme

“The general feel, the lighting, the staff, even the other members, everyone is always so friendly, never feel like I’m being judged or need to worry I look like a daft wee lassie playing with weights. Also has more equipment than other gyms I’ve been to.” – Sarah

Remember that most people feel exactly the same way you do about going to the gym. It is completely normal, and I guarantee that when you do it just one time, you will see it’s not so bad, and if it is then you just need to come and join The Club Gym.

My four tips for overcoming these feelings:

1 – Hire a trainer – get a program made for your goals and needs. The trainer will show you how to perform the exercises correctly and make sure you are doing the right things to achieve your goals.

2 – Train with a friend – we always feel more comfortable when we are with a friend, so bring them along and enjoy the process.

3 – Go at OFF Peak time – go to the gym when it’s a little quieter and less crowded.

4 – Join The Club Gym – Because we are the friendliest most helpful gym you will ever find

Get up, get in, make a change. I promise it will be worth it.

Simon Kennedy
Director – The Club Gym

SiFit Personal Training