How training in a group can help

Training with other people around you either in a Group Personal Training or class format is a great way for you to get your fitness journey started!

Firstly, you’re training with likeminded people who are also striving for great results. It’s so much easier to stay motivated when working with other people! 🙌

Secondly, if you’re competitive at all like me then you’re likely to push yourself more… I’m not saying you have to lift the same weights as everyone else but just knowing there’s other people around me always gets me to push that little bit extra 💪

Not to mention the fact that your workouts are going to be much more diverse than a workout you’d conjure up yourself – this will really push you outta your comfort zone – plus it’s always good to have someone to spot you when you’re lifting heavy 👌

Finally, there’s the positive mental aspect of working in a group, if you’re taking part in a session where you’re both pushing yourself yet also having a laugh and a good time with the others then the endorphins (feel good hormone) released will be even more prevalent!

So why not book yourself into a session this week and get your fitness journey started? It’s really not that scary (I promise) 😊