How to stay motivated during lockdown

How to stay motivated during lockdown

I can imagine we are all feeling a bit demotivated just now with being in another lockdown and the cold weather also doesn’t help but we need to keep going. I have really struggled the past couple weeks with motivation but I always feel so much better after I have done a workout.

If you’re struggling to workout on your own try to find a some one you can exercise with, this could be a family member or even a friend over a zoom call.

I’m also running live zoom classes on a Wednesday 6pm and Saturday at 11am, join in if you can, this will also help give you that extra push and you’ll probably find you work a lot harder during these classes than you would on your own. I know some people feel a bit uneasy doing video classes but you can turn your camera off and still join in. If you’re unsure what’s involved in the classes drop me a message and I can give you more info. The classes are for all fitness levels so don’t think that you’re not fit enough to join in, there are scaling options available too.

Having a routine has really helped me stay focused, having the zoom classes has really helped and I really enjoy teaching them. Also having a set time to train each day and having a plan written out also helps. I tend to train in the afternoon and make sure to get out an hour walk each day so I can still hit my 10k steps.

If anyone is struggling with anything at all just drop me a message and I’ll help you in anyway I can. It is tough time for all of us just now so we all need to pull together and help each other through 😊 we’ve done it before and we will do it again 💪💪