How to stay in a semi-decent routine during lockdown

How to stay in a semi-decent routine during lockdown

1: Set Plans for the day/week – For me, having some sort of schedule in place helps me to stop procrastinating. Even if your daily plan is as simple as to get out of bed before 9am, have a shower and go a walk by 12pm. That’s still a plan! Don’t beat yourself up if you start small – small wins are everything these days!

2: Set a bedtime for yourself – So if you’re still working during this lockdown you’ll likely also have a routine for this. However, many of us are off work again and so the temptation to lie in all day creeps in again. This is why setting a time to go to sleep is super helpful – and I’d recommend chill time such as reading in the hour before to get you primed for sleeping!

3: Set meal times – You may only want to do this for one meal E.G. 7pm dinner. I genuinely think it’s super important to set at least one sit down relaxed meal a day where you can sit and enjoy the company of your family/partner/bubble. This is a great chance to share your thoughts and feelings, plus who doesn’t enjoy eating