How to make training enjoyable!

In all honesty, many people drag themselves to the gym with a negative mindset already in place…

“I can’t be bothered” OR “Let’s get this over with”

Sound like you? 🤔

Well there are things you can do to help 🙌

#1 – Get a training partner

Training with a friend/partner/family member is one of the best ways to make a gym session more enjoyable. Having someone to chat to during rest periods will make your session go much quicker, plus if you’re competitive at all you’ll be more likely to push yourself 💪

If you’ve arranged days to meet at the gym you’re also less likely to skip sessions, making you more accountable!

#2 – Do forms of exercise you actually enjoy

This one may seem obvious, but so many people slog away at forms of training they actively don’t enjoy… now it’s always good to do exercise that pushes you out your comfort zone… but if you actively dread the form of training you do then switch it up!

#3 – Book into a class

Although classes may not be the best for muscle growth, they’re great for improving cardiovascular fitness and overall calorie burning. Plus you’re guided by an experienced instructor who’ll make sure you’re form is correct and also pushing yourself 👍

#4 – Do exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise

If the first 3 options still don’t float your boat then this option may be for you… there are a multitude of activities you can do that don’t feel like exercise! A few examples of popular activities currently are: indoor climbing, pole fitness, trampolining, dance class etc etc

On a final note: if you’re not enjoying exercise due to lack of knowledge then invest in a Personal Trainer, even for a few months. It’s well worth the initial investment as you’ll learn new skills and techniques that’ll always be useful 😊