How to maintain strength as much as possible during lockdown

Who all misses the gym?! 🙋‍♀️

Life is a bit crazy and a bit unpredictable at the moment 🙈 It’s stressful when you can’t control what’s happening around you.  It’s frustrating not being able to live life as normal and get your ‘me’ time at the gym but we need to focus on what we CAN control.

There’s no point in stressing about losing gains – we just need to work with what we’ve got.  If you don’t have weights, find things you can add weight to and use them like a suitcase, rucksack, tool bag etc.  

Why not use pets and children as weights too? (safely, obviously🤦‍♀️).  This will help you maintain as much strength and keep your fitness level up as much as possible.  Here are some tips to help.

Time Under Tension (TUT) ⏰

Focusing on time under tension helps with hypertrophy.  This increases the size of muscle cells which and is due to the target muscles being under strain for a long time period. The idea is you use a lighter weight than your maximum but spend longer doing each rep e.g. perform the downward phase of a squat for 5 seconds then up for 1 second.  Rest periods in between sets will also be shorter increasing the intensity of your workout.  This is a good way to train when you have limited options and can’t lift your heaviest weights! 

Mind and Muscle Connection

The mind and muscle connection is when you make a conscious effort to contract the muscles that you’re trying to target during each exercise.  It’s also focusing on the tension you’re trying to create on the working muscle groups e.g. making sure you perform each rep and feel the ‘’squeeze’’ during the contraction phase e.g. controlling and actively squeezing your pecs during the upward phase of a press up with and holding the tension at the top of the movement by squeezing more firmly 💪  

 Protein Intake 🥚🍗🥩

Protein is important although a lot of people still have a lack of it in their diet.  Its main job is for growth and repair of body tissues – muscle tissue being a big one.  Making sure you’re consuming enough protein in your diet will help you maintain your muscle mass as much as possible.  It’s important to not let your diet slip especially as you’re likely a lot less active now that we’re on lockdown. 

If you need any help drop us a message at The Club Gym – we’re still here to help!  

Stay safe!