How to increase workout intensity

If you are at the stage where your home workouts are getting a little too easy then here are some tips to help increase your exercise intensity.

Increase Reps & Sets. 

This is a nice, simple one, increase your reps and add on an extra set or two. Don’t be scared to bump your reps up to 20 or even 25, just be careful not to jeopardise form. For an extra little bonus, in your last set go to failure. Only stop when you literally can’t do any more reps. 

Less Rest Time

Decrease your rest in between sets. It is super easy to sit and relax when you’re at home but really push yourself. Take as little rest as you can, 30 seconds would be perfect. 

Slow the Tempo

Slowing down the tempo of your reps is an amazing way to increase the burn. For example, when doing a bicep curl, slow down the tempo on the way down. Instead of lowering it for 1 second, increase it to 3 or even 5 seconds. Again, be careful of your form but done right, this will massively increase the intensity.