How to create a home gym out of common household items

During lockdown it has been difficult to get hold of weights either due to them being out of stock or being ridiculously overpriced so we need to improvise when it comes to workouts. 

Few ideas for using some houses hold items for your workout: 

1 – Filling a backpack with bottles, tins or anything that will give you weight. You can then use this for weighted squats, lunges, stand ups, press ups etc. 

2 – Can use bottles of water or tins for things like shoulder press, lateral raises, front raises floor press, single arm rows etc. 

3 – Using a chair or couch to perform step ups, tricep dips, split squats, hip thrusts etc. 

You might not be able to use heavy weights but you can still get a good workout in with a mixture of bodyweight exercises and improvising with stuff you have around the house. Any workout is better than no workout. 

If you need any help with home workouts, drop me a message I’m happy to help you out