How to “bulk” out your meals to keep you fuller longer!

Whilst in lockdown most of us are moving less than we would usually… our morning commute now entails slinking from bed to the sofa or kitchen table to work from home.

Our usual hobbies have also been replaced by Netflix binges (Tiger King anyone?) or hopefully something more productive like picking up a dusty musical instrument…

So in times like this should we be eating less?

Well in theory yes your calories should be lower, however you can eat a similar amount of food if you simply bulk out some of your meals with “volume foods”

Volume foods are simply foods that are low in calories but physically have a lot of volume to them. 

My favourite breakfast hack is to replace 10-20 grams of oats with grated courgette – it’s super filling and actually makes your porridge so creamy!

I also love to add grated courgette to pasta sauces in addition to my usual veg as it makes the sauce so much more filling…

When it comes to your evening meal simply swap some potato/rice/pasta for a green vegetable – I recommend reducing your regular carb portion by a quarter to start.

In terms of snacks, simply replacing your regular yogurt choice for a 0% fat greek yogurt with flavour drops can also dramatically reduce your daily calories.

And on a final note… if you do find yourself eating more than you should through boredom/stress/loneliness then that’s also okay. We’re living through a very strange and stressful time at the moment so don’t beat yourself up!