HIIT or LISS Cardio??

Should you do HIIT OR LISS Cardio?

During this lockdown most of have been doing some form of cardio.  If you’ve done some of the workouts we’ve been putting up you will have done HIIT training and if you’ve been heading out for a daily walk then you’ve also been doing LISS.  So what are they and what’s the difference between the two?

HIIT has become a bit of buzz word in recent years and some people love it and some hate it.  Whatever camp you fall in to, one things for sure, it’s a very effective way to burn fat.  The beauty of high intensity interval training is it doesn’t take all day to do it.  We can have an effective HIIT session in 10-15mins by doing circuit styled training or some hill sprints.  It’s a mixture of bursts of high effort with low rest periods.  Due to the intensity of HIIT it uses carbohydrates as it’s main fuel source but the amount of calories burned will be the same as LISS at the end.

The drawback to HIIT is it’s harder on the body and takes more to recover from. If you are limited in time, want to feel like you’ve been through a tough workout then HIIT is the one for you.

During the past few weeks we’ve seen more people than ever doing LISS which stands for low intensity interval training.  This form of cardio definitely suits people better who are happy to go for a long brisk walk, cycle or jog.  Our heart rate remains steady throughout the duration of our LISS sessions whereas as it’s the opposite during HIIT.  Due to the nature of LISS the primary source of fuel comes from our fat stores.  However, as I’ve already mentioned both will burn the same amount of calories if done correctly.

So which one is best? The answer is the one you’re likely to do the most and remain consistent with.  I’ve personally found HIIT to be more effective for me but often find that I do a lot more LISS because I enjoy it more.  Another point to consider is if you’re on a calorie deficit and low in energy then doing HIIT can be very challenging.  I give my clients a mixture of both as this gives them variety and the best of both worlds.

Keep safe and keep active!