When you step into the gym, do you have a specific goal in mind? 

Rather than getting in to train and trying to make up your routine on the fly, why not set yourself with a goal – whether it be for that day, or for 4 weeks from now.

It can be anything. It’s your goal. Your time spent putting in the work.  Make it simple, or get creative! 

It could be anything from wanting to improve your flexibility/mobility to lifting some heavy weight.

Having a MEASURABLE goal makes it much easier to stay on track, because we have a starting point, and we have an ideal endpoint.

I think that it’s also important to celebrate the little victories we make along the way because although there is an “end goal” in mind, it will change/evolve as we get close to it. Taking note of anything from heavier weights used, more reps out, a longer jump, a shorter time in a HIIT circuit, a longer held headstand… (anything!), can help keep us on track and allow us to see that there IS progress being made on our way to the end goal. 

Little victories are still victories and shouldn’t be held out of the spotlight because we’ve got one big goal in mind. It can be encouraging to see the small things we accomplish along the way and help us set new goals for the future!

~ Christine

True North Training