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Fitness Inspiration – Who inspires me and why

Who is my fitness inspiration and why…

Over the years I haven’t really had a single individual who I I looked up to as my fitness inspiration, it was more a collective of individuals.
Over the past year though, I’ve changed the way I train with the goal of competing in an Ironman event.  As a result of this, the fitness athlete I inspire to be is the main man ROSS EDGELY!!
Fitness Inspiration - The Club Gym
Now for anyone who doesn’t know this dude, let me give you a little insight into what type of events, challenges he likes to put himself through.
Ross pulled a Mini Countryman the distance of a marathon 26.2 miles around Silverston race track – the Mini weighs around 1,400kg! It took Ross 19hrs 36 minutes and 43 seconds, giving the experience the rightful name of the Worlds Strongest Marathon.
Fitness Inspiration - The Club Gym
This man just loves to push the boundaries of the human body and the human mind to defy the odds of science. Having a physique of a bodybuilder but the overall athleticism of an Olympic athlete, this man just does the unthinkable when it comes to pushing himself through challenges.
Ross is also the first ever human being to do a TREE-ATHLON!! Yes, that’s right – you heard correctly!!! A triathlon whilst dragging a 45kg tree around the course whilst weighing solid 95kg himself, so all in he is slugging 140kg around.  The course consists of:
1.5km Swim
40km Cycle
10km Run
Doing this on its own is an achievement for any human being, but additionally carrying a 45kg log around certainly makes it so much more challenging.
Fitness Inspiration - The Club Gym
His latest challenge was to swim 100km in 48hrs at the Royal Marines base and to no one’s surprise, he completed with that huge daft smile that he always has. He has done many other events, such as climbing the height of Mount Everest  (8,848m) up and down a rope just for the banter.
He completed 30 marathons in 30 days on a skill mill treadmill in HIS KITCHEN!!! The guy literally lived there for 30 days just running, eating and of course lifting heavy weights in there as well.
So, I’m sure you can understand why this dude is my inspiration in my journey to be an Ironman in September. To be as fit as this guy or even a fraction of it would be incredible.
Who inspires you in your fitness journey??
~ Craig