Don’t compare yourself to other people.

Don’t compare yourself to other people. 

You could be looking at somebodies chapter 21 whilst you are maybe only on your own chapter 4. They may have 3,5 or 10 years worth of experience over you or 10 years of training over you. 

They may have the type of body you want and that’s fine to have people you can be inspired by but I can assure you that you will never look exactly like them. 

You can be the best version of yourself and use others for inspiration but don’t compare yourself to them. 

Every time you train, just remember the only person you need to compete against is yourself. 

It is much more difficult these days with so many social media platforms and so many “perfect” six packs and bums everywhere. I catch myself hungover on a Sunday sometimes looking at fitness pages thinking “christ, I need to get my shit together” but I am an emotional mess with a hangover so maybe that’s why 🤔

Seriously though, most of these pictures we see are heavily filtered and we only see the best bits. Most fitness models will not look that way in real life year round. They may get in that shape for a photo shoot and recycle those pics all year, I was guilty of that in the past. 

The best thing to do is delete these pages if they make you feel crap about yourself. 

Next time you are in the gym, don’t look around and compare. Look in the mirror and work on improving you. 💪🏻💪🏻