do the boring mundane things consistently

In order to achieve anything in life sometimes you just need to do the boring mundane things consistently. 

This goes for losing weight or gaining muscle and just changing your body in general. 

The things we need to do in order to change our bodies are so simple but the main reasons people don’t do them is:

1 – While they are easy to do, they are also easy NOT to do. 

Going to the gym is easy to do, but it is also easy not to go. You think ah well 1 session won’t hurt but that accumulative way of thinking over time will make a difference. Before you know it a year has passed and nothing has changed. If we just decide to go twice a week then over a year this accumulates to 104 times! Can you imagine the change in your body from just doing that twice a week. What if we did it 3 times a week? Thats 156 sessions in the gym. Committing to this 45mins to an hour of training will change your life. You just need to do it.  

2 – You don’t see results immediately

We want things yesterday, we have no patience. I am really bad for this (ask my wife). Going to the gym once will not change your body, eating 1 healthy meal will not change your body, BUT if we do these 2 things consistently over time then they WILL change your body and your mindset. 

3 – They seem insignificant, like they don’t matter. But they do. 

Small things that might seem insignificant at that moment in time are not, if you eat 3 biscuits a day at around 250 calories you may think “aww its only 3 biscuits, what harm can it do?” But over a week this is 1750 calories which could actually be the difference between losing body fat and not. So remember the small things are not insignificant, they all add up. 

Simon Kennedy