Ditch the Stash!

Who has a cupboard/box/drawer with a secret stash full of snacks like sweets, chocolate, crisps or whatever else you’re easily tempted by?! I used to.

If there’s food like this in the house, I’m tempted to eat it. When I give in and have that ‘one wee bit of chocolate’, more often than not the whole bar’s gone about 30 seconds. I’ll do this when I’m waiting on my dinner to be ready, or when I’m bored, hangry or for some other ‘reason’ (we’ve all done it – we’re human).

When you’re trying to reach your health and fitness goals, it’s too easy to be tempted by the treats you love as it is. So my best bit of advice is to not have a stash of them in the house at all.

This isn’t me saying you can’t have these types of foods and fit them into your calorie allowance on occasion – you just have to be smart with it. If you don’t buy them in the first place, you won’t feel like you need or want them as much. When you go so long without something, you won’t even miss it – especially if it means you’re reaching your goals.

You can make healthier choices too and learn to limit yourself. Chocolate and ice cream are my two guilty pleasures. If I feel I need a hit, I’ll have a rice cake with dark chocolate (the calories in these can still mount up, so be careful) or Halo Top/ Breyers ice cream (less than 400 calories per TUB compared to 1100-ish for the same amount of Ben and Jerry’s!!). These items cure my cravings, and I feel like I’ve had a treat.

So be smart – learn to limit yourself, choose healthier options and if you can’t resist bad treats then don’t buy or keep them in the house 🙂

~ Shelagh / Shelagh Jane Fitness Coach