Choosing the right exercise for you…

What is the right exercise for you? The simple answer to this question is whatever you enjoy and gets you moving.

In reality, there is no “right” exercise but there are certainly exercises that will benefit you more than others depending on your own specific goals – and this can be explained in a few ways.

First and foremost, it’s important to match your workout to what it is you are trying to achieve – basically, if you’re working towards bigger muscles, running a marathon won’t get you there. Secondly, you’re never going to reach targets and achieve goals by wasting time on workouts you do not enjoy and which, therefore demotivate you.


If your goal is to lose body fat and two hours of cardio is your worst nightmare, mix up your routine – go squat, move some heavy things about, do whatever you find to be more enjoyable than endless cardio workouts. When you start to enjoy your workouts, they become less strenuous and you will find that you are reaching goals much quicker.

Ultimately we can use the exact same exercises to build big muscles as we can to help us lose weight but it’s important to choose an exercise which you enjoy, which suits your lifestyle and isn’t a laborious task.

Finally, it’s important to find the right advice when setting goals – if you’re not sure how to work exercise into your routine, myself and our other trainers are always happy to help with training plans, classes and general advice for exercising in the gym.

My advice for anyone wanting to get a little more active in their everyday life is to just do whatever it is you enjoy – whether that’s walking the dog, going dancing, playing football, lifting weights or just doing some squats and press ups in the house – just make it fun and enjoyable!

Simon Kennedy, Personal Trainer