Are you intimidated by gyms?

Gyms can be an intimidating environment for most people, whether they show it or not but do you want to know a secret – it’s mostly self doubt. ‘What if I am doing this wrong?’, ‘They are so much better than me’, ‘I can’t do this.’

First thing, don’t pay attention to anyone else. Every single person will have completely different abilities and goals. Concentrate on you and you only. I promise it has nothing to do with how much you are lifting, the only thing that matters is that you are pushing yourself a little further each time.

Second thing, knowledge is power, power is confidence. The best thing to do is get a PT if you are a beginner, even if it is for 1 or 2 sessions. They can show you the proper technique so you don’t cause an injury and explain the whys. You can also look into getting an online coach which can be cheaper or look for a gym membership where you will be taken through a programme like we do here at The Club Gym. Every month you will check in with one of us and we will update your programme based on your goals. Each month your confidence will grow and grow and before you know it you will be achieving all sorts of personal bests.