From the beginning

The Club Gym is the creation of three experienced personal trainers.


There was no multi-million pound investment in the company, no businessmen in suits or teams of construction workers, just three hard working guys determined to change the face of the gym industry.


They have trained clients in gyms for over 10 years giving them a unique insight to what members love and hate about their training environments.


In commercial gyms they saw members complain time and again about the same issues so they decided it was time to tear up the commercial gym rule book and put the members first. They paired up with a contact from a kit manufacturer and with their own time, money and hard work they created a training environment that everyone would want to be a part of.

Our Unique Features

The community;
You will always see our staff present on the gym floor offering support and answering any of our member questions. You are more than just a number to us.


Live DJ’s;
Between 5:30- 7:30 we up the ante and have live music going to fire you up and push you through your workout after a long day at work.

The Music
Rather than allow a media company to play cheap music and adverts in our gym, we control our music and play variations of House though out the day. No amount of money would be worth killing our members workouts.


Our Protein Bar
Relax, sit down and plan your workout, chat to our staff and other members, buy some pre, intra or post workout Optimum Nutrition shakes. Take five mins to chill after your workout instead of being rushed out onto the street.


Our lighting is darker, less feeling like you are training in a gold fish bowl for all to see, you can be free of self consciousness at The Club Gym and enjoy your workout.

Lets face it, the standard Legs bums and Tums classes don’t cut it anymore, they are boring and uninspiring. All of our classes have their own unique twist to get you exited about going to them.


Member events
For the owners it is about making The Club Gym the place to be then rewarding the people who chose to spend their time there. That is why every month you will see free member events at The Club whether it’s DJ’s, fitness food tasting, eyebrow waxing or beard trimming pop ups. We not only provide an excellent environment to train in but we’ll provide a lifestyle and a taste of whats out there with our Merchant City neighbours.


Company Ethos
We are proud to be the first gym in the UK to pay our personal trainers fully for their time. We treat our trainers fairly and believe that happy and helpful trainers on the gym floor will lead to happy members.

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