7 Ways to reduce stress

7 steps to reduce stress.

1 – Sleep

Make sure you are getting adequate sleep. Lack of sleep can really put you on a downer and suck all the motivation right out of you. Problems seems much worse when you are sleep deprived too. During lockdown we have the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep. 

2 – Exercise

This is one of the easiest ways to de-stress. Its a great release and exercise releases the feel good hormones. Also the fact that you need to concentrate on the exercise stops you thinking about all your problems. Follow our daily workouts or just get yourself out for a walk/run.

3 – Learn to say NO

If you have deadline for work of have too many commitments then start saying NO to things. We only have so much time to get things done so prioritise the important tasks and lighten your load. This will be fairly easy to do at the moment as we can’t do anything anyway 😂

4 – Focus on the good stuff

I always say this to clients, it takes just as much energy to be positive as it does to be negative. We are programmed to focus on the negative. If 200 good things happen to us and 1 negative thing happens we always focus on this. The good news is we can teach ourselves how to turn this around and focus on the good shit.

5 – Turn your phone OFF

This is rich coming from me because my phone is always on me. Its harder when you run a business I know but its important to give yourself some space from it. Scrolling Facebook is a nightmare at times, Especially if you are feeling a bit down. You see everyone posting all the good stuff and it can make you feel worse. Believe me though, EVERYONE has their own shit going on, they just don’t show it. 

6 – Take a Walk

Taking a long walk is a great way to clear your head. I have a 5km route that I walk beside the canal and I always feel good after it. 

7 – Music

Listen to some of your favourite music. Try to avoid all the sad songs here. Music has an amazing way of lifting your mood and taking your mind back to good times.