6 Tips to Feel Good About Yourself

It’s a shame that we live in a world where there is so much focus on how people look. There’s so much pressure from society to look a certain way. No wonder people turn to plastic surgery or end up with a bad relationship with food. I think how you feel about yourself is really important so here are some of the things I’ve learned that have helped me…

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

We all do it, but there’s no point. There’s always something about someone that you’d like to have on your body whether it be their legs, bum, tummy, a facial feature or whatever else. Apart from it being self-destructive, it’s genetically impossible. No matter how hard you try, you’re never going to be able to be exactly like someone else. There is a better option though – you can just be yourself! Work hard to be the best version of yourself you can be!
Which brings me to my next point…

Focus On What You DO Like About Yourself

So many people focus on what they hate about themselves but never actually look to find something that they like about their appearance. I used to hate my bum and thighs, but now I’m proud of mine! They make me look and feel strong, and I feel like that’s a massive achievement for me to be able to recognise that. I never used to say or think anything positive about myself – ever. Plus I no longer care about anyone else’s opinion on the way I look – which is the way it should be because you can’t please everyone anyway! So find some features that you like about yourself and focus more on them and you’ll start to forget about the negative things – and maybe even start to like them too!

Don’t Let Social Media Fool You

No one puts up a bad picture of themselves on social media. They put up pictures using filters, good angles, makeup, good lighting, nice clothes – not when they wake up with a hangover or when they’re just finished training at the gym and look like they’re about to keel over. It’ll also have taken them umpteen attempts to take the photo that they find suitable to put online!

Eat Well and Exercise Regularly

Eating well and regularly exercising can make the world of difference to how you feel about yourself. It will make you feel more energised, lifting your mood which will help to improve how you see yourself. The positive physical changes that come with a healthy diet and exercise will give you a confidence boost as well. There’s nothing more rewarding than the results you can achieve through hard work and consistency.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Don’t beat yourself up about your ‘imperfections’. Embrace them instead. No one is perfect. No one has the perfect body. People who you view as perfect probably don’t see themselves like that. We never see ourselves the way others do anyway. I have a little bit of cellulite and stretch marks which are seen by so many people as imperfections. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. OK, when I’m on the leaner side, my cellulite fades a bit but the more body fat I have, the more it shows. My stretch marks used to be purple but have gradually faded over time. These things can and have been improved over time because I live a healthier lifestyle than I used to before but they don’t bother me at all now because they’re just part of being human.

Don’t Let Negative Comments Get to You

Unfortunately, there are some nasty people out there who pick up on your insecurities and like nothing more than to put you down. Ignore them – it’s definitely easier said than done but it’s more of a reflection on them than you so rise above it. I feel much better now for not taking what people say to heart and not caring what they think. It can be jealousy as well – jealous people tend to be horrible to someone for having something that they which they had deep down.

~ Shelagh – Shelagh Jane Fitness Coach