5 Mental Health benefits of exercise

As we all know 2020 hasn’t been a very enjoyable year for most of us.  We’ve all probably experienced anxiety, despair or worry at some point whether it be about our health, job, business or family.

Throughout lockdown I had spoken to a few members of the media about the importance of opening gyms.  One of the main points I always stressed was the benefit to people’s mental health which often goes overlooked in my opinion.

The Club Gym in particular, is very much a community which allows people to surround themselves with likeminded people who share a common interest in health and fitness.  The gym is an alternative to a pub, café or church for many of us.

Here are 5 mental health benefits of exercise

1 Boosting happy chemicals – When you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger positive feelings and emotions.  This has an instant impact on our mood.

2 Helps reduce anxiety – In a time where many of us feel anxious about our livelihood and health, exercise is a proven remedy to help alleviate it and help us relax.

3 Reduce stress – Many of will be stressed for many different reasons during this pandemic and exercise is a fantastic way to relieve tension in the body and mind.

4 Better sleep – Exercise has proven for years to help with our sleeping patterns.  Perhaps now more than ever that many of us may be out of our usual routines with a change of circumstances.

5 Improves workflow – Many of the nation are being asked to work from home which comes with it’s own challenges and distractions.  It is very easy to become lazy sitting at home all day.  Exercise can have a positive impact on our productivity and help clear your head.

Many of us will have felt lonely and isolated for large parts of this year which can have an adverse impact on many aspects of our mental health.  A gym also offers many of us a chance to socialise and communicate with other people in person.

I personally see a big difference in myself, friends and members of the club since we reopened again.  Exercise can have such a massive impact on our lives and how we feel.

If you aren’t a member of a gym and you suffer from mental health issues then I strongly advise you become one.  It could be the very thing that helps you through 2020.

Derek Brettell