3 easy ways to burn extra calories!

Are you dieting but don’t fancy dropping your calories much lower?

Well there are some easy ways to burn some extra calories on a daily basis – that don’t require much effort 👌

#1: Get more steps in – Aim for at least 10,000 steps a day.

Some simple ways to increase your step count are:  Taking the stairs at work… going for a walk on your lunch break… going for an evening stroll…

Yup it’s as easy as that – the more you move the more calories you’ll burn!

#2: Add an extra 5 minutes of cardio at the beginning and end of your workout!

I know many people aren’t a fan of long periods of cardio so simply adding in a little extra to the beginning and end of your workout can help burn some extra calories, and only adding 10 minutes to your overall workout time 💪

#3: Plan an active weekend: Instead of sitting in the pub on a Saturday why not go a hill walk, go bowling, indoor climbing etc

These kinda actives are fun AND cheaper than a night out so what’s not to love?